About the author

My name is Rico and I'm a Mac expert and gaming aficionado. My goal with this website is to help people navigate the world of unsupported Mac apps.

I created Install Steps when I realized that it is possible to run most Windows and Linux apps on Mac both locally (by means of virtualization) and in the cloud.

This is especially important for gaming. The state of gaming on Macs is still far from ideal. Most flagship games are still only available on PCs and gaming consoles.

I hoped that with the advent of Apple silicon this problem would start to fade. But it turns out that most developers haven't still taken advantage of the shift in chip architecture.

Can I really run any app on Mac?

Short answer: no. However, you can run most Windows apps on Mac without issues. However, there are some types of old apps that cannot run on new Macs. Surprisingly, I'm talking about old Mac apps! Old Mac apps that were created for the PowerPC architecture used to work on Intel processors thanks to Rosetta 1.

When Apple switched to their proprietary silicon, they dropped support for Rosetta 1 and released Rosetta 2. With it, they also dropped support for all the old PowerPC apps, including some of my favorite games like Tropico 2.

I found a game that doesn't work. How do I report it?

Get in touch with us and we'll see if there's anything that we can do about it.