How to play Super R.C. Pro-Am on Mac

Game summary

Super R.C. Pro-Am is a racing video game that is similar to its predecessor, R.C. Pro-Am, for the NES. In the game, players race remote control cars on a series of tracks. It can be played solo, with two-players via the Game Link Cable, or with three or four players via the Four Player Adapter. The game features 24 different tracks of increasing difficulty, and the object is to finish in the top three in order to qualify to race in the next track. Players who do not finish in the top three may use a continue and retry the track; players get three continues, and the game ends when the player fails to finish in the top three and has no continues remaining. Each track is different and range from standard ovals to tracks with many twists and turns. The game includes many obstacles, such as oil slicks that send players spinning, puddles of water that cause players to slide out of control, sand traps and "slow cones" that slow players down, large cones that bring players to a complete halt, and walls of tires that players bounce off. If a player hits an oil slick and then hits a wall while spinning, the player's car is temporarily destroyed, which loses time. The tracks also has items that help players along the way: "zippers" (a series of chevrons on the track) give players a speed boost, roll cages allow players to hit walls without being destroyed and allow them to crash opponents by forcing them into walls, and missiles and bombs temporarily destroy opponents' cars. Also on the track are spare parts which help improve performance—tires improve traction, batteries increase acceleration, and engines improve speed. Players have the opportunity to upgrade their vehicles by collecting letters, which are distributed throughout the tracks. By spelling "Nintendo" with the letters, players upgrade to a better vehicle; players can upgrade from the "Racer" to the "Speed demon" and then to the Spiker, each of which performs progressively better than the previous vehicle. If pla
First released: Dec 1991

Play Super R.C. Pro-Am on Mac with Parallels (virtualized)

The easiest way to play Super R.C. Pro-Am on a Mac is through Parallels, which allows you to virtualize a Windows machine on Macs. The setup is very easy and it works for Apple Silicon Macs as well as for older Intel-based Macs.

Parallels supports the latest version of DirectX and OpenGL, allowing you to play the latest PC games on any Mac. The latest version of DirectX is up to 20% faster.

Our favorite feature of Parallels Desktop is that when you turn off your virtual machine, all the unused disk space gets returned to your main OS, thus minimizing resource waste (which used to be a problem with virtualization).

Super R.C. Pro-Am installation steps for Mac

Step 1
Go to and download the latest version of the software.
Step 2
Follow the installation process and make sure you allow Parallels in your Mac’s security preferences (it will prompt you to do so).
Step 3
When prompted, download and install Windows 10. The download is around 5.7GB. Make sure you give it all the permissions that it asks for.
Step 4
Once Windows is done installing, you are ready to go. All that’s left to do is install Super R.C. Pro-Am like you would on any PC.
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