How to play Deltatraveler on Mac


Game summary

First released: Nov 2021

Play Deltatraveler on Mac with Parallels (virtualized)

The easiest way to play Deltatraveler on a Mac is through Parallels, which allows you to virtualize a Windows machine on Macs. The setup is very easy and it works for Apple Silicon Macs as well as for older Intel-based Macs.

Parallels supports the latest version of DirectX and OpenGL, allowing you to play the latest PC games on any Mac. The latest version of DirectX is up to 20% faster.

Our favorite feature of Parallels Desktop is that when you turn off your virtual machine, all the unused disk space gets returned to your main OS, thus minimizing resource waste (which used to be a problem with virtualization).

Deltatraveler installation steps for Mac

Step 1
Go to and download the latest version of the software.
Step 2
Follow the installation process and make sure you allow Parallels in your Mac’s security preferences (it will prompt you to do so).
Step 3
When prompted, download and install Windows 10. The download is around 5.7GB. Make sure you give it all the permissions that it asks for.
Step 4
Once Windows is done installing, you are ready to go. All that’s left to do is install Deltatraveler like you would on any PC.
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🕹 Editor's notes

Deltatraveler is a fan game that combines elements of Deltarune to create fascinating gameplay and story. I always wanted to play Undertale fan games because of their reputation, and my expectations were satisfied when I played Deltatraveler.

This game was based on the “Where the hell are we, Susie?” meme, giving players the idea that Kris and Susie were in a place they were not supposed to be. It is an adaption of that meme, and the developers gave it more weight by editing Kris and Susie into different games.

Deltataveler’s first section has the same ruins from Undertale, and I wondered if it would provide anything new. It turned out that although the ruins were similar, the narrative was different. The storyline differs entirely from the original Undertale and gives a natural change to the game.

However, the attack patterns and actions of the enemies are the same as that in Undertale. Susie’s actions, the battle and ruin theme, and the boss theme are fresh features in Deltatraveler. The soundtracks in this game are a combination of the old Undertale theme songs and new tracks.

Sections in Deltatraveler:

  • In Ruins
  • Earthbound
  • Hell’s Forest
  • Shining Savior
  • Mirror Mirror?
  • Mario and Luigi
  • Toontown
  • The Dark

I played the hard mode (Section 1) as Frisk instead of Kris and noticed that the enemies in the game evolved into more challenging versions of themselves. The monsters in hard mode have super strength, and the game gets over when my HP comes down to zero.

Section 2 took place in the Happy Happy Village of Earthbound. It also has a plot similar to the original area. The only difference is that the story has Deltarune’s character involvement.

Earthbound’s designs had a complete makeover to accommodate the Deltarune art style. The characters are unique in this section, and the soundtrack is something to look forward to. However, the exclusive content in the obliteration route is not worth the awful feeling I got in the end.

Deltatraveler is an excellent fan game that will make fans of Undertale or Deltarune especially happy.